Jarvis Pizzeria: Using an imported XSD in PCS

NOTE: This post describe’s an issue with with enums and imported types. We were confronted with this problem in version 17.2.3. In version 18.1.3 it seems to be solved. Enum can now be importedand the imported types now also can be use on the webforms. But we think that not everything has been solved. Validation against the enums seems not to work.

In the post  Import the 12c On-premises Preparation Process we saw the Business Types that were imported (also shown here)

We already stated that we had an issue with enumerations. But is this the only issue with the xsd? Unfortunately not, as will become clear soon.

Making task forms was not part of the import blog, however, in this blog we are going to do this. We will do this based on the imported xsd. So let’s get started.

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Using the File Adapter to handle dynamic Native Format input streams

In this blog I will describe how to translate a native format input stream (e.g. received by the file adapter), containing multiple instances with a diversity of size and content, to a xml payload.

I will do this in three steps. First I will give a sample data stream and explain the structure of it. After that I will show and explain the required schema definition, and I will end with the resulting xml payload.

Data stream

As a start I will give an example of the received data stream:

10099990001Name Change         2009999000120141116        30099990001Marcel              van de Glind                            35099990001Marcel              van der Glind                           @@@10099990002Address Change      2009999000220141116        30199990002Dorpstraat 6                  3720AB35199990002Dorpsplein 6                         3720BC@@@10099990003Name/Address Change 2009999000320141115        30099990003Marcel              van de Glind                            30199990003Dorpstraat 6                  3720AB35099990003Marcel              van der Glind                           35199990003Dorpsplein 6                      3720BC@@@10099990004Historical details  20099990004        2014111530099990004Marcel              van de Glind                            30199990004Dorpstraat 6                  3720AB30199990004Around the corner             AB200030199990004Big City                      AB201435099990004Marcel              van der Glind                           35199990004Dorpsplein 6                       3720BC35199990004At the corner                 AB200135199990004Small Town                    AB2013@@@ Continue reading