AYTS: Summary of RUEI – Real User Experience Insight Session

Recently started the Oracle program: Are You The Smartest.
For me it is an opportunity to test my current knowledge level and to extend my knowledge.
After every session I follow, I will write a brief summary as part of the preparation for the test.
I will continue with the summary of the following session.

ARCHITECTS TRAINING – SERVICE INTEGRATION – Oracle RUEI – Maximize business value by insight into real end-user experiences

This short (45 minutes) session was divided into the following four parts:

  • Why is it important to bring up RUEI to customers?
  • Basic explanation of the technology
  • Use cases
  • Demo

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Skinning BPM Worklist & Humantasks

In this post I will describe how to create a custom skin and how to apply this skin to the BPM Worklist and the accessory humantasks.

Before I start explaining how to do this, I will first explain the relation between the worklist and humantasks. The BPM WorklistApp is a ‘stand-alone’ application that is deployed on the WebLogic Application Server. The same is true for the different Humantask projects. This means the Humantask projects are also deployed as ‘stand-alone’ application on the WebLogic Application Server. Every application is using a skin on it’s one. Using a custum skin means you have to apply the skin to every application separately.

I will first describe how to create a Custom skin and how to apply it to the BPM worklist.  After that I will describe how to re-use this skin in the separate Humantask projects.

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