Jarvis Pizzeria is back again

Jarvis Pizzeria is back after closing their doors for more than a year ago by now.

Because the OIC projects were not up for grabs in recent years, and it has not been easy to join one of those scarce projects, Jarvis Pizzeria had closed its doors in June 2018, it now appears to be temporary. In the meantime the entire Jarvis team went its own way, with everyone facing new challenges.

Recently OIC projects start to pop-up on several places in the Netherlands. in June 2019 I started working as an OIC developer on one of these projects, a large / prestigious project. The direct consequence of this is that Jarvis Pizzeria has also reopened its doors. After two months of preparation, this is the first blog in a new series of Jarvis Pizzeria blogs.

But things have changed compared to 2018:

  • The scope of Jarvis has been broadened. The focus was initially on PCS, now it is on OIC (so including ICS and VBCS).
  • Of the original founders I am now the onlyone left (@Richard Olrichs and @Marc Kuipers, thanks again for all the contributions and the pleasant cooperation).
  • Although I regret that Marc and Richard have left the Jarvis company, I am also very pleased to announce that there will also be a new face at Jarvis. The following paragraph has been specially set aside to introduce him.
  • In the past we all posted the same blog on our own company blog. In the future we will do something else. The full blog will be posted on one of our two company blogs and on the other’s company blog a summary of the blog will be posted with a reference to the full post.

So let me introduce the new OIC champion of Jarvis Pizzeria.

Rick Kelder
The multi-disciplinary centipede of @Creetion for whom OIC, SAP and integrations between them has few secrets. Rick is committed to sharing knowledge. At Jarvis Pizzeria, Rick will show that he’s not afraid of making dirty hands to bake the tastiest Pizzas. All of this, shared with the community at https://bricks.blog/

The last Jarvis blog is from more than a year ago. Fortunately, developments at Oracle have not stood still in the meantime. For example, PCS, ICS and VBCS are now much better integrated with each other in OIC, and the individual products are of course also further developed.

As a starter I will give a refreshment of all the previous Jarvis blogs.
Perhaps it is mainly a refresher for me and Rick to be able to continue where Jarvis left off, but hopefully it will also benefit the readers.

I will release the old 39 blogs in a series of 3 summarizing new blogs.

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