An Introduction to Jarvis Pizzeria!

A developers’ dream, where Pizzas, Cloud & Oracle meet”

In the summer of 2017, three enthusiastic Oracle Consultants decided to join effort and start their own business. Not all developers love the cloud (just yet), but we all love pizza, so what better than to start our own pizzeria; Jarvis Pizzeria! Besides that, pizza is the new EmpDept for developers, so two birds with one stone. Where better to explore the Oracle Cloud, more specific Oracle Process Cloud (PCS), than within the walls of our own beloved pizzeria.

Since an Iron Man reference is always a good idea for anything Oracle related, Jarvis Pizzeria is born!

Now, before we tell you all about our automated pizza process, let’s take a moment to introduce the team.

Marcel van de Glind
The Cloud Architect of MyFMW https://myfmw.wordpress.comMarcel is a familiar face within the Oracle Community, his expertise on BPM & SOA (plus more) is shared on MyFMW. Besides preparing pizzas, Marcel is also preparing for the Cloud, will PCS be the new BPM?
Marc Kuijpers
Cloud Ninja @RubiX knows the BPM Suite and all its pros and cons from his time at Oracle. However, now that he’s left the mothership to consult at RubiX, it is time to challenge the Cloud proposition of Oracle. What better way than looking at PCS to see how this Cloud solution fits within the PaaS offerings.
Richard Olrichs
Oracle Early Adopter @The Future Group http://www.olrichs.nlRichard is always looking for an excuse to play around with the newest Oracle Technology products to stay on the edge of what is happening within the Red Cloud. Can the Oracle PaaS deliver like Jarvis delivers pizzas?

So that is the team! In the time to come, we will start automating our pizza process with the help of Oracle PCS. One of the goals for this project is very selfish, we want to explore PCS and familiarize ourselves with the tool and technology. We joined effort to discuss our findings, ask questions and motivate each other. However, now it is also time to share our experiences with the Community. This will happen in a blog series on our sites as well as via implementation examples and presentations at Oracle related Events.

In essence we have cut the automated pizza process in a couple of separated, decoupled steps; the preparation, the payment & the delivery. Within these steps we will use several familiar techniques, like Human Tasks and Business Rules. We will compare the PCS options to their BPM counterpart and share our findings from a level of ‘MyFirstPcsProcess’ to a more in-depth analysis of the tool and product.

As you can see, our use case reflects upon the process, how PCS relates to BPM, how easy it is to implement a business process, the usage of gateways, business rules and other features we know from BPMN. As a result, our focus has been on Oracle PCS and Oracle PCS alone. This means our lessons learned will also be focussed on PCS and probably will not translate one on one to a real business case.

For example, we use the integration within PCS, to directly call REST and SOAP endpoints, while for a critical, core business system, it is wise to let this integration go through the Integration Cloud as abstraction layer from the process.

We hope you enjoy our blog series, happy readings!

Blogs in this series:

  1. An Introduction to Jarvis Pizzeria!
  2. Collaborate in PCS
  3. Integration in PCS
  4. Setting up the Jarvis 1.0 process
  5. Functional Description of the Pizza Preparation Process
  6. Functional Description of the Payment Process
  7. Import 12c On-premise Preparation process into PCS
  8. The Document Only Delivery Process
  9. Implement (OBR) rules
  10. Using a Decision Model in the Delivery Process
  11. Using the SOAP interface to start a Process
  12. Using the REST interface to start a Process
  13. Deployment and using the workspace
  14. Using an imported XSD in PCS
  15. Testing in PCS against the Development or Production environment
  16. Handling SOAP Faults in PCS
  17. Human Tasks – Design First WebForms
  18. Workaround for XSD list-element issue in WebForm
  19. Notification Task in PCS
  20. Different presentations for same WebForm
  21. Deploying and reverting to Snapshots
  22. First step in Implementing the Order Processing, Interface Definition
  23. Send Task vs Throw Message Event
  24. Second step in Implementing the Order Processing, Multi Instance Subprocess
  25. Creating a Custom Tasklist for PCS
  26. Third step in Implementing the Order Processing, Correlation
  27. Jarvis Pizzeria in Case Management Style
  28. Getting Started with Dynamic Processes (ACM)
  29. Setting up the Dynamic Process
  30. The logic underneath the Dynamic Process
  31. Activating activities and attaining milestones
  32. The various Decisions of a Decision Model
  33. Fourth step in Implementing the Order Processing, Decision Model
  34. The Mobile app
  35. At the PaaS Forum
  36. Markers and Conditions
  37. Aborting a Structured Process in a Dynamic Process context
  38. Business Reports & Dashboards
  39. Custom Reports & Dashboards
  40. more posts coming soon

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