BAM Alerts

This post (next in the BAM series) is about BAM Alerts. Alerts were not part of the POC, but in the blog series I also wanted to pay attention to it, resulting in this post. I have made a very small example to get some feeling in there and will not get into all the details of alerts.

As usual, first a piece of theory from the Oracle documentation:

An alert performs one or more actions when launched by an event and filtered by one or more conditions. An event can be an amount of time, a specific time, a date and time, a repeating event between two dates, a change in a data object, output from a continuous query, or a manual event. A condition restricts the alert to an event occurring between two times or dates or to a specific day of the week. An action can send a notification, perform a data object operation, invoke a web service, call an external method, or launch other alerts.

In the query post I created the ‘Open Task Monitoring’ continuous query. Every minute this query counts the number of open task in the last two weeks and sends out an event when this count exceeds the 65 (and differs from the previous measure).

Now back to Alerts. I created an alert that is triggered by this event (OpenTaskMonitoring).

The action associated with this event is an insert into the ‘BestuurAlerts’ Data Object. As we look at the details of this action you can see that the counted number of open tasks is written into to Data Object.

When adding or editing an action it is possible to specify the sort of action. As mentioned, in the example above I used the ‘insert values into the data object’. The following screenshot show all the possible actions (besides the options to specify conditions).

This brings me to the end of this introduction post about BAM Alerts. Alerts works pretty simple. Complexity is especially in the translation to the business (unambiguous interpretation).

In the next post I will do the Dashboards. This is the last big topic.

You can download the Alerts and the other related objects here.


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