BAM Parameters

Next in the row of my BAM series will be the BAM Parameters.

First some theory from the oracle documentation

A parameter is a variable representing the value of a data field. A filter is a condition applied to data retrieved by a query or view, which can reference one or more parameters. A prompt is a request for the user to specify the value of a parameter. For example, you can filter an asylum cases query by judicial authority, create a parameter for the judicial authority, and prompt the user to choose the judicial authority when the query is referenced by a view in a dashboard. Continue reading

BAM Views

After the Queries and KPIs I will continue with the next topic. Business Views or shortly just Views.

As usual I first start with a piece of theory from the oracle documentation.

business view is a visual representation of data fetched by a business query or one or more KPIs. In most views, numeric data fields, called measures, are grouped by non-numeric data fields, called dimensions. For example, lawsuit costs, a measure, can be grouped by department, a dimension. An aggregation is a computation based on multiple values in a data field, such as a sum or average. Continue reading



Next I my BAM Series, a post about BAM KPIs.

First the theory from the oracle documentation

Understanding KPIs

There are two major types of performance indicators: outcome metrics and driver metrics. Outcome metrics, sometimes called lagging indicators, measure business activity that a strategy is designed to achieve, such as return rate per month or average call processing time for the last moving hour. Driver metrics, sometimes called leading indicators, measure business activity that influences the outcome metrics. Continue reading