Recently I did a POC with BAM 12c at the customer. In a series of post’s I will describe my findings/experiences.
In the first post of this series I described the initial situation (Impact of ACM Implementation on BAM). This post ended up with the following challenge.

We have a ACM Case consisting of about thirty Case Activities. The Case and the individual Case Activities are housed in a private composite (1 + ~30 composites).

Challenge: How can we group/filter in BAM by ‘specific’ metrics that are present in each Composite. For example ‘Department’.

In the second post Filtering/grouping in BAM by ‘specific’ metrics (explored solutions) I have 10 recognized/examined solutions appointed for this challenge.

In this post I will cover the functionalities of BAMCommand that I have used in the implementation/rollout of the EMS configuration (Populating BAM using JMS).

But first, what is BAMCommand?

BAMCommand is the command-line utility to export, import, migrate, clear, and delete BAM metadata, data, and project artifacts.
You can find BAMCommand in the directory ‘FMW_HOME/soa/bam/bin’. By calling BAMCommand without parameters gives you an overview of the possibilities. This overview is shown below:


For specific details please refer to the Oracle Documentation. In this post I will give only some application examples.

Example 1: Export of Data Object

./bamcommand -cmd export -name “KEIBestuurActivity” -type dataobject -file/media/sf_Data/ -username weblogic -port 7003

Example 2: Export of EMS configuration (and append to Data Object export)

./bamcommand -cmd export -name “KEIEMS” -type ems -file/media/sf_Data/ -append 1 -username weblogic -port 7003

Example 3: Import of Data Object

./bamcommand -cmd import -name “KEIBestuurActivity” -type dataobject -file/media/sf_Data/ -username weblogic -port 7003

Example 4: Import of EMS configuration

./bamcommand -cmd import -name “KEIEMS” -type ems-file/media/sf_Data/ -username weblogic -port 7003

Example 5: Import of complete environment (in this case only a Data Object and EMS configuration)

./bamcommand -cmd import -type all -file/media/sf_Data/ -username weblogic -port 7003


For some other examples you can also taak a look at Waslley Souza Export and Import Oracle BAM projects Blog.


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