SOA Suite 12.2.1: Failure resiliency

Adjust the situation that from a business process various service endpoints are invoked, where one of them is shown unstable behavior. The unstable service is regularly for short and sometimes long time not available. This may result in a large number of instances end in the error hospital. At the time that the endpoint is not available, resources are used to process instances which will not end successfully. Failure resiliency solution helps to avoid this situation. The failure resiliency solution is to suspend upstream inbound adapters, or EDN subscriptions, or web services. In the case of web services, clients are given errors right away. In the case of EDN and Adapters, messages wait in directory/queue/topic etc. until the endpoint is resumed.

IWS can also help in this situation (see also my IWS blog). Use IWS to examine what happened at various points in the business process to analyze the behavior.

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SOA Suite 12.2.1: Integration Workload Statistics (IWS)

With the release of 12.2.1 we get access to so-called Integration Workload Statistics. Once IWS is activated a snapshot of system resource usage, composite SOA metrics such as statistics and endpoint statistics is periodically triggered. These statistics are written to the database. The metrics of a specified time period can be retrieved at any time. These metrics can be used to analyze problems now and in the past.

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