Process Cloud Service – Spaces


Developers create applications. Often they don’t do this on their own, they work together with other developers creating applications. The Process Cloud offers so called Spaces to facilitate this. Multiple applications can be developed in a single Space. Applications can be shared on Space level. This means that if someone has editor rights in a space, that person can change all applications in that space.

A user or a group (of users) can have the following sharing rights on a space:

  • Owner -> the owner of the space. Only the owner can create, share and delete the space
  • Editor -> Can change the applications in the space
  • Viewer -> Can view the content of the space but not change it

Spaces can be seen as placeholders to group applications. Eventhough it is not recommended spaces can have the same name. E.g. you can create or get shared multiple ‘My Space’ spaces.

In the next part of this blog I will describe how to create a new space, how to share a space and finally how to delete a space using the PCS Composer (http://machine:port/bpm/composer). I will end with the Administration of spaces from an Administrator point of view.

Create a new Space

Click the Create button at the top-left corner of the home page and select New Space from the choices.


Provide a name for the new space and click Create.


As a result, you see the new space listed in the information panel, on the left side of the page.


Share a Space

Click the new space to select it. At the bottom of the panel you see the selected space.Share, you see the selected space with the users and roles, who can access this space. Initially a single user, who created the space, has access to the space with owner’s role privileges.


Specify the user’s name. If you know the name, enter it, otherwise click Choose and use the identity repository browser window to search and select the required user or users.
Note: you can add groups to the space as well.


Next choose the required role (owner, editor or viewer) and click Share.


Resulting in sharing the space between three users.


From here you can also change the sharing. With the Edit role button you can change the role of the user or group. And with the delete button a sharing can be deleted. The information panel shows the team members.


Delete a Space

Using the pencil icon you could change the name of the space or delete the whole space.


Space Administration

Log in to the PCS Composer as a user who is a member of the ProcessServiceAdministrator group. e.g. Weblogic. In the top-menubar you now see some additional options, namely Administration and Management.


Click the Administration button, followed by the Spaces button. Now you get an overview of all spaces. From here it is possible to delete spaces and to modify the sharing options.


This brings me to the end of my first (and very basic) blog of the Process Cloud.
In my next post I will go into the Application features.


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