Process Cloud Service – Applications


In my previous post I wrote about spaces (PCS – Spaces). In this post I will go into the next step: ‘Applications’. I will describe how to create, download, import, export, deploy, delete, etc. an application.

Create a new Application

Click the Create button at the top-left corner of the home page and select New Application from the choices. The following window appears:


In here you have to specify a name for the application and in which space to create it. Optionally you can also enter a description. After that click the Create button. The new Empty application is created in the specified space.
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Process Cloud Service – Spaces


Developers create applications. Often they don’t do this on their own, they work together with other developers creating applications. The Process Cloud offers so called Spaces to facilitate this. Multiple applications can be developed in a single Space. Applications can be shared on Space level. This means that if someone has editor rights in a space, that person can change all applications in that space.

A user or a group (of users) can have the following sharing rights on a space:

  • Owner -> the owner of the space. Only the owner can create, share and delete the space
  • Editor -> Can change the applications in the space
  • Viewer -> Can view the content of the space but not change it

Spaces can be seen as placeholders to group applications. Eventhough it is not recommended spaces can have the same name. E.g. you can create or get shared multiple ‘My Space’ spaces.
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