Using the File Adapter to handle dynamic Native Format input streams

In this blog I will describe how to translate a native format input stream (e.g. received by the file adapter), containing multiple instances with a diversity of size and content, to a xml payload.

I will do this in three steps. First I will give a sample data stream and explain the structure of it. After that I will show and explain the required schema definition, and I will end with the resulting xml payload.

Data stream

As a start I will give an example of the received data stream:

10099990001Name Change         2009999000120141116        30099990001Marcel              van de Glind                            35099990001Marcel              van der Glind                           @@@10099990002Address Change      2009999000220141116        30199990002Dorpstraat 6                  3720AB35199990002Dorpsplein 6                         3720BC@@@10099990003Name/Address Change 2009999000320141115        30099990003Marcel              van de Glind                            30199990003Dorpstraat 6                  3720AB35099990003Marcel              van der Glind                           35199990003Dorpsplein 6                      3720BC@@@10099990004Historical details  20099990004        2014111530099990004Marcel              van de Glind                            30199990004Dorpstraat 6                  3720AB30199990004Around the corner             AB200030199990004Big City                      AB201435099990004Marcel              van der Glind                           35199990004Dorpsplein 6                       3720BC35199990004At the corner                 AB200135199990004Small Town                    AB2013@@@ Continue reading