AYTS: Summary of SOA Governance challenges in the services landscape

Recently started the Oracle program: Are You The Smartest.
For me it is an opportunity to test my current knowledge level and to extend my knowledge.
After every session I follow, I will write a brief summary as part of the preparation for the test.
I will continue with the summary of the following session.

ARCHITECTS TRAINING – SERVICE INTEGRATION – Governance challenges in the services landscape

This 43 minutes during session was divided into the following parts:

  • Challenges Solved with SOA Governance
  • Oracle’s SOA Governance
  • Customer Success Stories

Challenges Solved with SOA Governance

The reality: the benefits of SOA do not come automatically by implementing some webservices and a service bus.

They didn’t call it SOT for service oriented technology. They called it “Architecture” for a reason;

  • It needs to be top-down vs. bottom-up
    • Think Big – Start Small
    • Bottom-up expresses the “how” not the “why”
  • It needs to be aligned with the overall business architecture
  • It’s not necessarily a project delivering an application

Lack of Governance Inhibits SOA Adoption


In traditional development you ‘know’ some important things like: budget, who’s responsible, who does what, who will use it, who will pay for it, … etc.
In SOA base development you do not know these things. Who hase to pay for using the service?, How are cost for usage calculated? …

SOA Governance definition

Governance, whether it is financial, business, legal or IT,is about getting people to do the <strong>right thing at the right time</strong>.In other words, it is about encouraging the behavior that will achieve your business goals
  • SOA Governance provides the framework for planning, developing, deploying and managing the SOA environment
  • Benefits:
    • Ensure alignment
    • Establish controls
    • Reduce cost over time
    • Mitigate risks

 SOA Governance in the Enterprise


SOA Governance – Why is it needed?

Without it …

  • Service anarchy
    • Poor services, low-reuse, lots of the wrong services, perpetuation of silos
  • Business Solutions fail to use Services
    • No promotion, no change in project delivery, no trust or confidence in services
  • High cost of operations
    • No consistency “everyone’s doing their version of SOA”
    • Duplicated infrastructure, no standardisation
  • No measured benefit
    • No visibility of SOA Benefits

What Decisions must be Governed and Made ?

  • Which services to do ?
  • Which services to do first?
  • Is this really a new, reusable service ?
  • Who is going to pay for development and maintenance of this service?
  • Who owns this service?
  • What decisions needs to made for your organization to have effective SOA Governance?
  • Who should make these decisions?
  • How will these decisions be made and monitored?
  • What Structures, Process, Communication, Tools should be deployed

These are all aspects which can be answered and managed with a SOA Governance

Oracle’s SOA Governance (Model , Enabling Technologies)


The right people do the right thing / have the right view


Governance and SOA Maturity must be in sink with each other (same level).

SOA Governance Model constituent parts…


Service Lifecycle Governance <> SOA Governance

Political/Organizational Aspects of SOA Governance Influencing SOA Behavior Mandate AND Authority

  • Mandate AND Authority
    • Structures must be empowered to make and enforce decisions
  • SOA Organisation (if appropriate update existing structures)
    • Structure with a broad set of SOA strategy, architecture and implementation skills to enable and support project delivery teams
    • Not a mass IT reorganisation
  • Education for all
  • Specific Roles in the governance model
  • Opportunities for the individual; incentives for key actors

Empowered Structures


SOA Steering Board

  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Set business priority – enable alignment
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Establish funding models
  • Exeption Management

SOA Architecture Authority / Competence Center

  • Strategy Execution
  • Reference Architecture Authority
  • SOA Skills & Resource Base
  • Adjudicates architectural priorities ans issues
  • Enterprise Modeling for Service Architectures
  • Service Engineering Framework Compliance & Governance
  • Core team supplemented by all project architects

SOA Enablement Team / COE

  • Enables corporate competency development
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Project Enablement

Software Factory

  • Service Engineers

SOA Governance: Tools and Infrastructure

  • Single source of truth for SOA portfolio
  • Provide dependency tracking and impact analysis, tracks usage and compliance for visibility into ROI
  • Ensures policy compliance throughout the lifecycle and enforcement across the SOA infrastructure
  • Monitors, diagnoses and ensures service levels
  • Surfaces metrics and analytics for decision support


Full lifecycle support. Starting from plan to execution and monitoring.

Customer Success Stories

Wachovia Investment Banking




  • Like many companies, O2 found itself developing the same technical functions many times.
  • Inefficiency in OPEX and CAPEX expenditure
  • Longer time to market
  • A complex IT architecture
  • Untenable Development and maintenance of HW and SW for point solutions
Critical Success Factors & Lesson Learned
  • From the outset, O2 recognized the importance of strong SOA governance and communication.
  • Followed best practices in establishing architecture and service management capabilities.
  • Use of the Service Factory concept for shared services.
  • Establish a clear governance framework
  • While you design a service in the context of a given project, try to understand if it would make sense in the context of other projects and develop it to support as many other requirements as possible
  • It takes time to build a service portfolio.
  • Maintain enthusiasm for the SOA approach by getting projects to deliver. Communicate and demostrate business value.


Mission Statement
  • Implement a governance framework that will guide our organization as it deploys a service-oriented operating model by developing an SOA governance roadmap that focuses on delivering the greatest value to Eaton.
  • Eaton’s SOA governance model specifies the processes, policies, controls and governance mechanisms that ensure compliance within the Service Oriented Architecture.
  • It additionally provides the organizational structure and defines the roles and responsibilities that are needed to operate this governance model.

The SOA Governance function will be a 3-tier structure consisting of:

  • SOA Steering Commitee
    • Provides guidance and direction to the SOA governance boards.
  • SOA Strategy Board
    • Establishes SOA-related stategies and roadmaps
    • Establishes SOA-related policies and guidelines
  • SOA Tactical Governance Board
    • Reviews the compliance of SOA-related artifacts created by the SOA development communities within Eaton to the strategies, policies, and guidelines created by the SOA Strategy Board
    • OER/OSR- oriented


Oracle Enterprise Repository is the glue between the individual parts.

Recap & Suggestions

  • SOA Governance is a process and not a project, therefore measure progress and course-correct when needed
  • SOA Governance requires processes, people and technology
  • Incrementally Adopt a SOA Governance Model
    • Build a 2 – 3 year SOA Governance vision and deploy incrementally
    • SOA Governance Structures must have appropriate level of authority to make and enforce decisions
    • It’s all about TRUST and COMMUNICATION
  • Understand the Governance Consequences – Pain Now or Pain Later

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