AYTS: summary of Oracle’s Approach to SOA

Recently started the Oracle program: Are You The Smartest.
For me it is an opportunity to test my current knowledge level and to extend my knowledge.
After every session I follow, I will write a brief summary as part of the preparation for the test.
I also follow some of the 2012 sessions. These sessions are not part of the test.
I will continue with the summary of the following session.

ARCHITECTS TRAINING – SERVICE INTEGRATION – Oracle’s Approach to SOA (by Jeff Davies) – Guiding and Accelerating SOA Success.

This session (not part of the tests) was divided into the following three parts.

  • Service Landscape (90 minutes)
  • SOA and BPM Suite (20 minutes)
  • Service Versioning (30 minutes)

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bpmn:getDataObject error in Oracle BPM process instance

Our Oracle BPM ( process uses a process Data Object (DO) which is enriched with data during it’s process lifetime. The DO is based on a Business Object (BO) which is a relatively large, but simple XSD data model.

A strange thing that occured was that when we started using Service Call & Script Task to enrich the data during the response our process got suspended.

Instance error on Service task:


And instance error on the Script task:

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